Sale rules


In order to sell a product please send a message to with the description of the item ( condition, defects and damage), the year of purchase, photos (minimum 3 , best on a model) and the expected price. After the product has been accepted it is published on our website based on the photos. We prefer the product to be sent to us where we take the pictures and upload them on the website. We accept only original products. There is no room for copies, replicas or fake goods!. Any attempts of selling fake items will be reported to appropriate authorities. The Seller is obliged to confirm the originality of the offered product.


All photos of products offered on the website are the property of ZAPASY Z SZAFY and are protected by copyright. It is illegal to copy and use the photos in any way.


When the desplayed product is sold the Seller is informed by e-mail and is obliged to deliver the product within 3 work days (if it was not delivered earlier).


After the purchased product’s authenticity has been confirmed and it is identical with the description and photos it is sent to the Buyer.


The Seller receives the money to the bank account (the price less the agreed commission).

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