About us

The idea of starting this site was to help you empty your wardrobe of clothes that you do not need anymore. From my own experience I know what it means to do reckless shopping, to buy something that is not my style or the colour does not match my complexion. Sometimes shoes turn out to be too high or uncomfortable or we are just bored with some clothes. Apart from that we just keep on buying and buying! Another pair of black shoes, another black dress, another similar blouse etc. We do not understand that first of all we do it for ourselves or to show other women. Most men will not tell the difference between patent and non patent leather stilettos or between two black dressses. For them they are the same thing! I once happened to witness a conversation of a couple in a shop: the girl was trying on a black swimsuit and asked her husband how she looked. His comment was : you already have the same at home. I allowed myself to interfere with a remark ‘they are all different!’ And she smiled saying : “You see, you see!”

It is high time to get rid of clothes, shoes, similar handbags. It is hard to say goodbye to the things that cost us a lot of money. So we keep them, move from one shelf to another and often forget what we have in our wardrobe. There is little probability that we will put on something that we haven’t worn for three seasons!

We will certainly feel much better when sell some of the long not used clothes and buy something new. This website will help you do that!

We offer our customers second hand clothes of the highest quality, as well as unique items already unavailable in shops. Many of them are unused still labelled clothes. I myself have some in my wardrobe! You will find here clothes, shoes, bags and accessories of prestigious brands.

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